Google is developing a ‘heavy ad’ blocker for Chrome

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Google is developing a ‘heavy ad’ blocker for Chrome

Post by intense » Fri Nov 01, 2019 7:59 am ... er-chrome/

Google is working on a way for Chrome to automatically block some “heavy ads” on the web, that tend to slow down our browsers.

Update 10/30: The folks at Techdows have spotted that Google has added two flags related to Chrome’s “heavy ad” blocker. The first flag simply enables/disables the heavy ad blocker.
Heavy Ad Intervention

Unloads ads that use too many device resources.


The second flag allows you to disable the blocker’s built-in privacy protections, for debugging purposes. The protections prevent malicious ads from learning details about your computer/network based on when Chrome “unloads” a heavy ad. For a more technical explanation about how these privacy protections work, check out the official explainer.

Disable heavy ad privacy mitigations

Disables privacy mitigations for the heavy ad intervention. This makes the intervention deterministic. This is intended to be used for debugging only.


As the flags are only just now appearing in the most recent Chrome Canary builds, the heavy ad blocker likely won’t launch any sooner than Chrome 80.