Add-ons disabled in Firefox

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Add-ons disabled in Firefox

Post by ReyKenobi » Sun May 05, 2019 6:37 am

Today, I start my browser and suddenly get the message that most of my add-ons are disabled by Firefox. This includes uBO, Flagfox and other online safety related add-ons, without which it is almost impossible to navigate the web these days.

I somehow got to this page which "explains" some gobbidy-goop about an issue and to enable Firefox Studies and that they are rolling out an update soon, and all should be well in the next 6 hours, but it has been 12 hours so far, and zip! The so-called hot-fix Study never starts/loads for me. ... ll-firefox

Has this "hot-fix" worked for anyone? Is there a work-around?

P.S. : Firefox, if nothing else, has struck to huge blow to its reliability-index with how it has handled this. Do they really expect me to grind all of my work to a halt or spend time configuring Chrome for temp use while they roll out a hot-fix? and then a real update at their leisurely pace?

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Post by LanikSJ » Sun May 05, 2019 5:23 pm

Other forums that I frequent are full of similar issue reports so you're not alone. Mozilla screwed up: ... n-firefox/
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