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Post by gloid » Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:56 am

We run our solution by adding a subdomain "touch" to existing sites. Will connect to many sites this way.
We run towards a ecommerce platform Jetshop, well over 1000 sites, that has their product images placed in "/pub_images/" and it is very hard to change this path.

Live example (demo):
Original: www.icaniwill.se
Subdomain: touch.icaniwill.se

Calling the following URLs from "touch.icaniwill.se"
1. https://www.icaniwill.se/pub_docs/files/Custom_Item_Images/Kop-fler-spara-mer-v2.jpg
2. https://www.icaniwill.se/pub_images/small/Mint-Seamless-bra-Post-Clip-2.jpg

On iOS devices
- the image nbr 2 is not loaded, blocked by the "/pub_images/*$third-party"
Tested blockers with EasyList: AdBlock and Adblock Plus

In Chrome, Safari and on Android:
- both images are loaded if an adblocker is on and is using EasyList.

According to the documentation for Adblock Plus:
"Restriction to third-party/first-party requests: If the third-party option is specified, the filter is only applied to requests from a different origin than the currently viewed page. Similarly, ~third-party restricts the filter to requests from the same origin as the currently viewed page."

If HTTP Origin rule is used, then "touch.icaniwill.se" and "www.icanwill.se" will not be considered equal.

Though, in https://adblockplus.org/blog/recognizin ... ty-content it is clearly stated that the goal was to make "e.g. bugzilla.mozilla.org and addons.mozilla.org are same-party"

Would it be possible please to re-specify the "/pub_images/*"?

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