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NSFW anon-ib.co

Post by arflech » Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:47 am

Anon-IB is a porn-focused anonymous imageboard with a static hub-page at anon-ib.com and sub-boards that can be accessed at anon-ib.co, anon-ib.la, anon-ib.ru, and anon-ib.su, and maybe other domains I haven't heard of yet; currently, when you click on any page on the board, a popup is opened to LiveJasmin, but the target could change, and additionally, an ad appears above the posting form in a space where previously, the ads were blocked.

To block the click-jacking, use this custom filter:

Code: Select all

It doesn't also hurt to block one of the domains hosting scripts that the main script drops, and also the domain used as the popup target:

Code: Select all

For uBlock Origin, replace these last three rules with ||jsmjmp.com^$document; I tried using a $popup rule, but this particular popup mechanism seemed to circumvent that.

The ad copy at the top of the Anon-IB pages appears to be first-party, even though the linked site is not, but if you want to block it and hide it anyway, here are the rules:

Code: Select all

This hiding rule is brittle and relies on a particular affiliate URL structure.

The specific page that I used to play around with these rules is anon-ib.co/cosp/res/53622.html

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