Another firefox addon victim of Capitalism!! it's TACO!!!

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Another firefox addon victim of Capitalism!! it's TACO!!!

Post by bee » Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:21 pm

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

Yeah, there is another addon victim of capitalism, this time it's the turn of TACO!!!!!!!!! :D :D :-?
On June 14, after it was acquired by a software outfit known as Abine, a new version of the TACO behavioral-ad–blocking add-on was pushed out via Mozilla's auto-update process — which means it has received Mozilla's approval — and an army of users are complaining of a kind of privacy add-on bait-and-switch.
Despicably evil move guys. Using the trusted update path to stealthily 'update' to a bloatware shareware suite is just evil
:arrow: ... _beefs_up/
There is a fork though, it's called beef taco :idea: :idea: :D

Well, that's again the same story repeating itself!!!!!!! :-? :-? :idea: When something turns commercial, it turns evil!!!!!! :surprised: It's the bacteria of capitalism!!!!!!!! :idea: :idea: :D And, there is again something to say about AMOs ( :roll: AMOs will never change :-? they're very useless, they're usual to take ages to review addons, and after all, they let pass addons with trojans ( :arrow: they did it in the past :-? ), spywares, adwares, and so on!!!!!!! :surprised: :D :D Do not trust AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :idea: :idea: :idea: actually the main idea is to being at least skeptic about Googlezilla, whereas AMO is a piece of it and for several reasons it's as well the worst and evilest!!!!!!!!! :idea: :idea:

bye!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
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