uBlock Has More Than 10 Million Users on Chrome Alone

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uBlock Has More Than 10 Million Users on Chrome Alone

Post by gotitbro » Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:00 am

I just noticed that uBlock Origin has hit "10,000,000+ users" on the Chrome Webstore.


Looks like it the mark in the past month or so last time I checked users were around 8 million. This is just for Chrome and I'm sure the overall users are much higher especially considering Chrome does not reveal users higher than 10M to the public.

These are interesting developments and to me it seems things are only going to get more contentious from now on. Are web dev's now going to specifically target uBO like Bild did?

It also shows the rise of more advanced adblockers as website admin's are moving away from traditional advertising methods that most adblockers can block and user's are reacting accordingly. The recent RoughTed malware also comes into mind.