Why adbockers are still relevant and will be

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Why adbockers are still relevant and will be

Post by gotitbro » Wed May 17, 2017 4:56 pm

I was just pondering over the amount of websites that have started blocking adblock users instead of taking an initiative of using better advertising practices themselves. Just then, as you might have heard, the "WannaCry" ransomware/malware started crippling computer networks around the world.[1]

While ads did not play a major part in the spread of this malware, the fact is malicious advertisements or malverts spread through malvertising are still a major cause for the spread of ransomware.[2]

Before I used adblock I used to get multiple popups most of which lead to viruses or malicious programs. At one point I even got infected with search toolbars and adwares due to these popups and ads which were extremely difficult to remove but I got rid of them thanks to the very useful AdwCleaner.[3] Then there are drive by downloads which also lead to viruses getting installed on users computers.

But ever since I have installed adblock I haven't faced any of the above mentioned issues and many others as well. Adblocking is not just about blocking ads but protecting oneself from the onslaught of unmonitored ad networks that keep popping up everyday.

Am I at fault for not wanting to get infected by malware? Is it not the duty of a responsible website to preen the ad networks its running and protect its visitors? I think we all know the answers to these but the websites are instead giving more importance to their revenue stream rather than keeping the value of its visitors in mind. This is only going to hurt them now and in the future as people know better.

I was worried ever since WannaCry came to light. I even read a news article in which a victim of this attack said he was infected through popups.[4]

The amount of websites employing anti adb measures was concerning me especially with particular services for this such as Yavli or Sourcepoint. They instead of rectifying the core problem are putting the blame on users and propagating the problem further.

I have been meaning to say this for sometime but this recent cyberattack compelled me to finally do it. I would love to read everyone's views on this situation :D