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I am working for an affiliate network and we had recently some issues with AdBlock. A client could not successfully test his tracking implementation, because the tracking domain ( on the checkout page was blocked by your plugin.

(Chrome version: 55.0.2883.87)
AdBlock version: 3.8.5)

I made two test sales on my own to verify the issue with the client and our NL test website to check any problems by myself and to give detailed feedback to you in case of tracking failure. I installed your AdBlock plugin and set the filters without any site exceptions.

I used a normal text link,

which is always accessible for the end customer and is used especially for product promotions.

As the AdBlock automatically applies in German, I added especially the filter list for NL language for the 2nd test jDaruFy.png
sale in case, it could have something to do with that.

And I think it has. My first test sale was successful and we could track a sale in our system. The 2nd one, after adding the Netherlands + Easy List, was not successful.

Attached you find important information about our cookie (successfully added to the browser) gqPcSQu.png and the shop thank you page, ViqpJW1.png) where our container tracking has been successfully called.

But your plugin blocked our tracking domain, JVSUSIM.png so that nothing could be submitted to our system. That is really bad for our business! The notification: ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT appears. I investigated, that this error is commonly caused due to one of the extensions installed within Chrome. I also checked the AdBlock tab in the developer tools > Inspect.

Can you fix that, please, so that our domains will not be blocked anymore (kind of whitelist or something else)? It must be ensured that none of our tracking domains will be blocked in that way, so that the tracking works without any problems.

Here our domains for all countries, which must always be accepted:


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