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Post by MaurizioPac » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:24 pm

Hi everyone,

quoting from homepage :
EasyPrivacy is an optional supplementary filter list that completely removes all forms of tracking from the internet, including web bugs, tracking scripts and information collectors, thereby protecting your personal data.
THRON solution has been recently added to EasyPrivacy list, in a “too broad” way, which is blocking website content (not adv).

We would like to inform you that THRON collects anonymous data that is provided to the customer owner of the domain (not 3rd party) where THRON is integrated.
Our privacy statement ( defines that Data owner is the domain owner, THRON is just a tool used to gather the analytics and deliver brand content, not advertising (see similar case with outbrain) . It can just work inside customer’s owned domains and cannot share/sell data with other companies (company1 cannot access company2’s data).

This is why we would like to request to whitelist domain.

Thank you in advance,

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