Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on EasyList Forum. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Participation

    1. Create a new topic in the form: ConcernedSiteName.COM #
    2. Describe exactly how the site displays advertising, or how the content is incorrectly hidden. Provide an example link. #
    3. You can also submit your proposals for new or improving filters related to the problem. #
    4. If necessary, you can also submit an issue report (only Firefox). #
    5. Failure to provide the necessary information will delay the resolution of your issue. #
  2. Bumping

    1. Topics with nothing but the words bump will be removed. The user will be warned and dealt according to our Etiquette. #
    2. If you need to bump your topic, think of something to say other then bump.
      If you can't think of anything to say to contribute to the topic, then don't say anything at all. #
    3. Bumps will be allowed only after a 7 day period and there is a PHPBB imposed limit of one bump per post in the thread.
      What this means is until someone else posts in the thread no bumps will be allowed.
    4. If you bump anything older than 1 year then expect your post to be locked/deleted. Something that old is probably no longer relevant. #
  3. Posting

    1. If your post contains ONLY the URL to the ad it will be removed automatically without warning. #
    2. Your post subject SHOULD contain the URL or the DOMAIN of the problem site.
      Any subject that doesn't contain a URL or a DOMAIN is subject to removal without warning.
      Ex: is the domain of this site and the URL is #
    3. Inline images using [img] tags should be no wider than 480px.
      Images wider then that will be automatically removed and turned into links. #
    4. Please use the [code] tags for ABP/uBO etc filters in this forum. They're easier to copy paste etc. #
    5. Please DON'T post any passwords in the public forum. This can result in unwarranted abuse of the credentials. #
    6. Links to X Rated sites or sites containing Adult content should contain a NSFW in the subject.
      Inline images containing Adult material will be removed or converted to links.
      Usernames containing Adult subject matter are subject to removal without warning. #
    7. Please use the Forum Search before posting a new topic.
      You're only allowed one thread per topic. Multiple threads will be locked and/or deleted.
      Anyone not adhering to this policy is subject to moderation and up to termination.
      If your topic already exists and complies with old post rule then feel free to post in the old topic. #
  4. FAQ

    1. Q: I have AdBlock/uBlock or another ad blocker installed yet I still see ads
      A: scan your system for malware / adware use => MalwareBytes AntiMalware (free version) and AdwCleaner
      Courtesy of intense #
    2. Q: Why am I getting Amazon/Google/Yahoo etc ads with AdBlock?
      A: Please make sure AdBlock Acceptable Ads are turned off. #
    3. Q: How do I add a custom filter?
      A: Please follow THESE instructions. #
    4. Q: How do I update my filters?
      A: If you're using AdBlock see directions HERE
      If you're using Adblock Plus see directions HERE
      If you're using uBlock Origin: Options > 3rd party filters > "Purge all caches" + "Update now" #
  5. Etiquette

    1. There will be no flaming or attempts to start flame wars on this site. #
    2. There will be no swearing or cursing of any kind regardless of what language it's in. #
    3. If you have an issue with one of the posters on this site please PM one of the site Global Moderators or the Site Admin Staff. #
    4. It doesn't matter how much you may or may not hate the site serving ads and their owners so PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL to one another. #
    5. Any posts discussing the merits of moderation will be removed without warning. This includes asking any Moderators why your posts were moderated. #
    6. Anyone found in violation of any of the rules on this page will be subject to a warning, permanent post hold, up to and including banning and account deletion. #
  6. About

    1. This is a VOLUNTEER site run by volunteers. None of us get paid for what we do here. #
    2. Unless you want to contribute to the hosting fund for this site then you'll need to be patient while someone comes along and answers your post. #
    3. As of this writing ONLY the EasyList Authors have the ability to add/remove/modify filters.
      The Site Admin Staff or anyone else has no ability to make any changes to any of the filter lists. #
    4. EasyList Authors contribute to this site and maintain the filter lists on their own time and dime. #
    5. EasyList Authors get NO MONETARY compensation from Eyeo GmbH (the company that owns ABP) for any work they do here. #
    6. The Site Admin Staff is in NO WAY affiliated with either EasyList or ABP. #
  7. Closing

    1. This forum isn't a democracy. As long as the Site Admin Staff is paying the bills you either follow the rules or be shown the door. #